Customer Focus

All the World’s a Stage

Every business is in show business. The most important part of what you do is how it plays to the audience. Customers buy products and services for their own benefit; they aren’t “sold” on what you have to offer. Success, therefore, depends on an ability to craft the customer relationship to move the whole sales process from head to heart. To “nail the sale”, the challenge is to listen to the audience, to adjust your story to include their interests and to empower them to share it.

Theatre of Commerce’s unique approach welcomes the audience into the story. It has them identify with the character whose problem you solve, whose transformation they can feel, and enables them to share in the story they’re hearing.


The Iceberg Approach: Stories that Transform the Buyer

Nail the Sale: Using DISC to Identify, Connect and Adapt to the Buyer’s Style

FocalPoint Corporate Training: Superior Sales Success

Coaching: Incorporating the Customer Relationship into the Pitch

Facilitating: the Evolving Story-Telling Organization

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