Internal Culture

The Play’s the Thing

In what Frederic Laloux calls the “Next-Stage Organization” it is recognized that newer generations in the workforce march to a different drummer. The rewards of compensation and promotion at the expense of time and values no longer cut it. What’s emerging is a new workforce culture centred on Evolving Purpose, Wholeness at work and Self-Managed Teams.

Whether it’s the dynamic of an employee resource group, encouraging rising stars to step up as leaders, or owning the real culture of the business, you need a process that gathers people and coaches them through the collaborative, creative experience that will reveal the riches and true capacity of the organization and the team.


The Iceberg Approach: Coming Together in Common Purpose and Values

‘Next-Stage’ Organization: Structure and Accountabilities

Future Leader Coaching (Group or Individual): Stepping up to the Plate and into Full Capability

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