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Crafting & Sharing Compelling Stories Wins Customers & Grows Leaders.

It’s Story That Connects Us.

You know how most companies waste money (sometimes, enormous amounts of it) on marketing that is ineffective and fails on the most basic level to engage the customer? (You’ve got 3-5 seconds to engage or they’re gone).

You know how companies and professional services firms struggle to grow the partnership or corporation because there’s a future leader deficit? Your near-executives don’t see an alignment between their values and what’s required for career advancement, and they don’t have the executive or business development skills to grow their “books of business”, even if they wanted to advance their careers.


In both instances, the controlling idea of the Theatre of Commerce is that crafting compelling, three-dimensional narratives unlocks the business solutions we seek. You can’t implement business strategies without the culture that will drive them.


My decades of experience – as an award-winning director-producer of over sixty shows and as an arts executive-turned-executive coach – have developed practicable tools and methodologies to:

– identify and strengthen company cultures, for successful change initiative ‘buy-in’;
– empower future leaders to perform at their full potential;
– acquire the business development skills to break through sales barriers and grow the bottom line;
– create new leadership paradigms, to move the firm or corporation forward into a true “next stage’ organization.



And no business can hope to create effective marketing by starting ‘in the middle’ – engaging designers and developers before the brand message is clear, focused on the customer as Hero, and the business’ product or service as the Guide. That’s where I come in, as a Certified StoryBrand Guide, to get the Brand Story driving marketing campaigns and collateral.











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