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Wondering Why Your Business Isn’t Connecting with its Audience?

“We’re throwing money at our marketing with little to no result”.

“We’re great at what we do – but we don’t win our pitches like we should”.

“We’re not getting our associates to step up in the business development pipeline”

"Messages delivered as stories are 22 times more memorable" - forbes

Solve Your Business Growth Problems in Three Ways

Simple! Tell the Customer’s Success Story, Not Yours



Our proven strategy is to take your customers through a clear and compelling story in which THEY are the Hero overcoming a problem because your business has served as the Guide to their success.


Pitch Perfect

Start with how your prospect defines success, show them you understand their problem and how your unique value proposition can overcome it and get them results they couldn’t have imagined.  Then, and only then, start bragging about your credentials and experience.



To build your growing firm or company (perhaps to the point of retiring from it?) you’re going to need a business development strategy that invites your rising stars to co-create its new story – and gives them the tools to sell it.

The Reviews Are In!

The Three Dimensions of Story Will Turn Your “Audiences” into Raving Fans!

All the World’s a Stage

And All Business is Show Business

Charles McFarland has taken his skills and experience as a theatre producer/ director of over sixty shows, coupled with his eight-year business development coaching practice, and created the Theatre of Commerce. 

Its unique methodology uses theatre’s three dimensions of crafting and playing stories, to transform the impact your marketing and communications have on your customers, clients and your future leaders.

StoryBrand founder Donald Miller, says: “The hardest place to read the label is from inside the bottle”. In theatre terms, the director serves as your (and your team’s) ideal audience – testing the question, “How will this play?” – before your show goes out to meet its audience.

Let’s Get Your Show on the Road!

Act One

Set the Stage

Your “audience” wants to know why they should choose you.  We’re going to craft some “wow” factor past client success stories to uncover  your unique value proposition and “earn the right” to develop the relationship with  your prospects.

Act Two

Your New Brand Narrative

Now we’re ready to create your new customers’ success story, using the StoryBrand process.  We’ll craft your brand messaging playbook to drive your marketing performance right to centre stage.

Act Three

Happily Ever After

You, your services and your team are now standing out from the crowd, inviting your audiences in to stories they can connect with – thereby driving sales and nurturing those relationships for the  long-term.

Clients Who’ve Loved Their Results

How theatre solves your business problems

create explosive growth in your company

At Theatre of Commerce, we know you want to create explosive growth in your company in what is a completely new and more challenging business environment.  

To do that, you need to position your services and your teams as headliners out there in the marketplace.  Problem is, you don’t know how to cut through all the marketing noise or how to get your team fully on board and performing at their best.

After three decades of producing live theatre, at Theatre of Commerce, we know all about the highs and lows of presenting to the public. We’ve developed a unique methodology, based on the three dimensions of crafting and playing stories to audiences, for you to invite your clients into a story in which they can see themselves as the Hero, achieving their desired success, because you can serve as their Guide.

With our programs in marketing, pitching and business development for leaders characterized many times over as “game-changers”, you can stop worrying about feeling stalled in your business growth, and start looking forward to all that comes with new,  fully engaged clients and customers – and with engaged, productive new leaders taking the reins.

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