Become the Director

Every leader is in the people business.

How can you bring out the hidden capacities of your team? How can you best direct their performance? How will you help each member of your team play his or her part?

In his Presentation of Self in Everyday Life, Canadian sociologist Erving Goffman famously noted that (as in the theatre) human interaction depends upon time, place and audience. We all have a “front stage” where we project the images we want others to see. Our “backstage” (and here’s where it applies to business) is where we prepare our roles, develop our teams and form bonds based on our common goals and mutual commitments.

As a director, you are challenged to shape the story of your company and its products or services. You coach and enable your team as performers, and you measure, evaluate and make adjustments in response to the recipients’ feedback and reactions.

This leadership model – what Goffman calls “impression management” – provides a paradigm for strategic planning, team engagement and definition of your intended customer experience.


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