Great Resignation? Or Great Reset?

Invite Your Rising Stars to Co-Create Your Firm’s New Success Story

Building Books of Business

Growing a Change Culture

Securing the Firm’s Future

Struggling to Develop the Partner Pipeline in These Challenging Times?

“Why does it seem like we, the partners, are shouldering more and more of the workload?”

“Where do we get our ‘rising star’ associates the tools to build their own books of business?”

“How am I going to secure the firm’s future, and be able to secure my next move?”

Business and Leadership Development Start by Crafting Compelling Stories

‘Page-to-Stage’ Methods to Transform the Message and the Team

Assemble the Brand Story

First, uncover the firm’s unique positioning amongst its peers – in gathering past client success stories.

Build Books of Business

Use storycrafting methods to develop the sales skills that position the client as the ‘hero’, you as the guide.

Create the Future Narrative

A new, co-created culture drives the buy-in for successful, next-stage change management and growth.

Meet your Theatre of Commerce Guide: Charles McFarland

With over twenty-five years as an award-winning theatre director and producer – of over sixty shows, having held numerous performing arts executive positions and having fundraised for and built three arts centres over a span of ten years – Charles has combined these creative experiences with eight years’ executive coaching to offer a powerful, unique platform that unleashes the power of the organization in its people.

Now also a Certified StoryBrand Guide, he has proved time and again, with many varied clients, that using theatre-storytelling methods can release associates’ untapped motive and potential, so that they can move forward, fulfilled as well as successful, in this new and challenging world of work.

Within as well as outside the firm, the primary question is the same: how’s your brand story working for you?

“So, How Does That Work?”

Theatre of Commerce workshop and follow-up sessions focus on three business and leadership development areas:


Create client success stories that uncover the true values and purpose across the firm, that can achieve unique positioning in the marketplace.

Think of this as the “writers’ room”: you’ve got a messaging goal, but does the story structure help or hinder you from getting there?  “How will this play?”


“Putting it on its feet” – build up a culture of collective responsibility and commonly-exercised purpose, in the interdependence of the team.

Now we take our scripts into the rehearsal room, each team member with their specific roles, but with the shared goal of presenting the messaging in harmony.


With great client stories driving the process, the team needs practical and implementable tools to ‘read’ and adapt to prospective client ‘buyer styles’, to catalyze ‘close’ rates.

When the production  hits the stage, the performer needs to identify what the audience’s identity is, for this show – and play to it!

The Theatre of Commerce Process

The Three Dimensions of Story Will Turn Your “Audiences” into Raving Fans!


Mark Out the Main Plot

Let’s get together to outline what success looks like for you, what obstacles you’re facing, and how we might match a program – in-person workshop? online? – to bring the team together,.


Create Your Brand Story

From there, we can customize a workshop for your team – retreat or office/ workplace setting? – with a time-frame of deliverables, to integrate into your internal ‘marketing’ plan.


Can This Show Run?

Becoming a story-crafting organization – with its internal and external growth benefits – may not be a “one-and-done” day at the spa.  Should we embed this in the firm somehow? Let’s talk!

Need to Know How Effective Your Brand Messaging Currently Is?

Get a customized plan to fix it