Engage More Clients. Keep them.

StoryBrand narratives and Marketing Strategies 10x your results.

Brand Story that Connects

Website Copy that Compels

Marketing that Converts

Finding It Hard to Have Your Brand Cut through “The Noise”?

“We seem to be throwing bags of money at marketing with little to no result”

“Yes,. we know we’re up against a consumer besieged by 5,000+ marketing messages every day” – so what do we do?

“How do we pass the marketing “Caveman Test” – that 5 – 8 seconds we have to persuade the prospect to engage?”

Welcome to the StoryBrand Digital Marketing Revolution.

Clear Brand Story

Customers who can clearly understand how your product or service helps them will trust in your brand

Crystal Clear Website

Drive real growth with a website “story” that becomes a lead-generating machine

Content that Converts

Build sales and nurture funnels that convert your leads into buyers and build long-term engagement

Get into the Spotlight with Theatre of Commerce!

The Three Dimensions of Story Will Turn Your “Audiences” into Raving Fans!


Clarify Your Message

Craft success stories which invite your customer in as the hero, and your brand as the guide that gets them to where they want to go.


Show Them What Success Looks Like

How do you solve their problem, and make their life better? Your brand positioning answers their question, “Why should I choose you?”


Invite Your Team In

Sharing their own client success stories invites your future stars to co-create your business’ culture and eliminates their “I’m not a salesperson” fears.

Theatre of Commerce Is StoryBrand Supercharged!

You’re hearing it everywhere: marketers telling you that your business has to tell stories to succeed  – so, how do we do that?

Hi, I’m Charles McFarland: I followed an award-winning theatre producer/ director career – in which I took over sixty shows “from page to stage” – with eight years of executive coaching.   From all that experience, I’ve created the Theatre of Commerce, to apply storycrafting directly to business development.

I’ve found that crafting your story and connecting it to your market is like the three dimensions of theatre: scripting, putting the story on its feet – with your team, “in production”, and then sharing it with the most important people in every story: the audience. Your brand? It’s the story they tell you they’re hearing.

"Messages delivered as stories are 22 times more memorable" - forbes

“OK, How Does That Work?”

Here’s an outline of my StoryBrand services – with some add-ons.

Your Unique Positioning

By starting with some of your best client “wow” factor stories, we position you to answer your customer’s only real question, “Why should I choose you?”

Messaging & Strategy

Next, we dig deep to uncover and express your compelling brand narrative - the “Customer as Hero”, you as their Guide - so we can create your foundational copy assets.

Website Writing

Now, we apply your new brand messaging to your website, to win trust and generate leads - and then present it visually to a web designer and developer.

Lead-Nurturing Content

You attract and engage prospects with lead-generating assets that offer them value (e-books, video scripts), and with email sales and nurture funnels.

Pitch Coaching

Gotta take your show out on the road? We’ll 'StoryBrand' your pitch deck and coach you and your team to a winning performance.

How StoryBrand Works for you


Nail the Message

We’ll guide and coach you through the proven StoryBrand Marketing framework to  get you the message that connects.


Create Your Story

We’ll turn your website – and all your marketing collateral – into a trust-winning, lead-generating growth engine.


Connect and Grow

Apply all your assets to your sales strategy – and watch the “wins” roll in from bigger and bigger audiences.

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